Monday, January 17, 2005


Maybe it was the caffeine in the several glasses of iced tea that I drank last night for dinner and my midnight snack, that prevented me from sleeping until seven o’clock this morning. Then again, maybe it was the enthralling story of Cry Wolf that did it.

Wilbur Smith hasn’t disappointed me yet. Not by a long shot. I learned to love every one of his books as I get to read them. Last night, the gripping plot and continuous adventures of Cry Wolf got me so transfixed that I couldn’t find the strength to put the book down and succumb to sleep. Tough. I woke up late with a splitting headache. But man, was it worth it!

I first got to “know” WS through Hungry As the Sea, a novel about the adventures of a seaman. Filled with vivid descriptions and great attention to details, the reader would definitely find it easy to imagine what it was like in the story. That was so many years ago. When my mother-in-law lent me River God, I was hooked for life. Recently, I finished River God’s sequel, The Seventh Scroll, which is by far, on the top of my list.

Now I’m looking forward to reading my other WS acquisitions. I have five more Smith books that are waiting in the bookshelf. I just hope my other favorite authors wouldn’t mind if I go on a Wilbur Smith spree for a while. Hahaha, as if they would!
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