Monday, January 31, 2005

Loving Jazz

All my kids were exposed to all kinds of music since they were still in my tummy, although I listened to jazz more frequently than the others. I didn’t really expect them to “bond” with a particular music genre since kids these days hear and see a lot of the modern stuff (pop, rock etc.) on the radio and on TV. Little did I know that they “inherited” my husband and mine’s love for jazz.

I was passing by their room last night and heard jazz music coming from their radio once more. Two weeks ago, my husband first noticed it when the kids were playing in their room and he excitedly told me “Come, hear what radio station the boys are listening to!” Being jazz enthusiasts ourselves, my husband was overjoyed that our children are not into the rock and roll scene. I told him they must have happened to switch on to the station with the clearest signal, that’s all. I was wrong.

Now I can definitely say (as opposed to just believing what one reads in baby books) that what a child hears when still inside Mommy’s womb can affect his music preferences when he grows up. My kids are living proof. And this Mom is simply happy about that.

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