Wednesday, January 12, 2005

After the long hiatus ...

Whew! It’s been ages since I got to sit down in front of the computer to write something for this blogspot. The holidays have been hectic to say the least ... flitting from here to there, with so many things to do, people to meet with and places to go to. But it was the kind of hectic-happy moments that the Christmas season usually brings about. And overall, it was fun though tiring at times. I had to spend the first week of January hurriedly finishing deadlines that kinda sat in the back burner for a while.

So, how are you guys? How did you spend the yuletide season? I hope you all had fun as I did. And now that 2005 has settled in for the long run, here’s wishing a great new year to all of us. May we get to do at least half (just being realistic here :D) of our resolutions and goals for this year!

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