Wednesday, December 22, 2004


When I was still a kid, one Sunday School lesson from church that stuck to my mind was about the word CHRISTMAS. The Pastor told us that “Christmas” was coined because it represents the birth of Jesus Christ. And it is sad that some people, who are always out to find short cuts in life, tend to cross out Christ in Christmas to make things easier. Thus the word XMAS came to be.

Now that I am grown up, I haven’t forgotten that simple yet powerful lesson. Indeed, why should we write Christmas as Xmas? To make writing the word easier? To help kids spell the word without any difficulties? I personally find that sad.

In this era of text messages using cellular phones, I inwardly cringe when I see Christmas greetings using the word Xmas. I am not judging you guys, mind you. And I am definitely not lecturing, nor trying to be pious. I am also a person with her own accepted foibles. It’s just that, I want to make others realize the significance of consciously putting Christ in Christmas. Yes it’s just a word, and yes it won’t probably make any great difference in the world’s overall situation. But wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling of utmost and deepest respect to the One who’s the “reason for the season” ... knowing that in the future, we’ll still be seeing the word Christmas during the Holidays? I fear that future generations will be too used to the spelling of Xmas that Christ might disappear in the celebrations. Now that would be scary.

Some of you might see this piece as something worthless. Maybe. But it’s what I stand for and what I believe in. Humor me and let me get this off my chest.

Enough of the musings ... let me just wish you all a very Happy Christmas and may you and your families have a Wonderful New Year ahead.

God bless!
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