Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I seldom go to movie houses. Aside from having not much time to indulge in such outings, I prefer waiting for the released VCD/DVD versions so I can watch in the comfort of my home ... it’s inexpensive, no exorbitant fees to pay, with an endless supply of popcorn and drinks. That’s what I like!

Yesterday, as I was traveling on a bus on the way to Manila, the movie that was playing on-board was Ice Age. I love kiddie movies and haven’t had a chance to watch this one yet. So there I was, sitting contentedly (though wishing for some popcorn to munch on), watching the story unfold and whiling away the time otherwise spent in boredom during other two-hour rides without a TV to grab my attention.

Shucks I had to brush away a tear (I’m such a ninny for happy endings!) during the part where the baby had to say goodbye to his animal friends. So touching, so heart-breaking.

On the way back, I happened to ride on another bus with a TV. So I was able to watch Van Helsing for the first time too! Hmmm, the special effects were impressive. I don’t normally watch films like those but what choice do I have on a moving bus with nowhere else to go but sit? So I tried enjoying the movie. And surprisingly, I did!

Hmmm, It’s just now that I realize how much those TV sets inside buses entertain passengers during long trips. And I must admit that whoever thought of that in the first place, was a genius.

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