Having a Break

My two older kids are on semestral break for one week. They've asked to spend the time with my in laws and their cousin in Manila. So now I've had three days already of peace and quiet... and I'm beginning to miss the noise.

It's different having them here, always getting in my hair with all the wrestling matches they do with their littlest brother and the bickerings over who's gonna watch his favorite show on TV at the moment. And yet, I miss them ... the apologetic embraces when they want to say sorry, the way they would watch James for me when I need to take a long bath, the way they say "Mommy love!" when they want a quick hug.

So now I'm longing for my boys and good thing they'll be home again in two days' time. By then, I would have had the rest I was so craving for the past two weeks or so after being swamped with my article deadlines.

But ask me now, and I'd gladly say I would prefer the noise that my kids make than this too quiet moment. Oh ok, reality check ... I should be thankful for this respite ... 'coz by the weekend, surely my life will be returning to normal.

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