Having a Break

My two older kids are on semestral break for one week. They've asked to spend the time with my in laws and their cousin in Manila. So now I've had three days already of peace and quiet... and I'm beginning to miss the noise.

It's different having them here, always getting in my hair with all the wrestling matches they do with their littlest brother and the bickerings over who's gonna watch his favorite show on TV at the moment. And yet, I miss them ... the apologetic embraces when they want to say sorry, the way they would watch James for me when I need to take a long bath, the way they say "Mommy love!" when they want a quick hug.

So now I'm longing for my boys and good thing they'll be home again in two days' time. By then, I would have had the rest I was so craving for the past two weeks or so after being swamped with my article deadlines.

But ask me now, and I'd gladly say I would prefer the noise that my kids make than this too quiet moment. Oh ok, reality check ... I should be thankful for this respite ... 'coz by the weekend, surely my life will be returning to normal.

A Different Kind of Crazy

My kids are into Garfield nowadays. After they watched the blasted movie with their cousins, they found the lazy, fat cat's antics funny. I didn't. Recently, we got a CD of the film (don't ask where we got it) and the mania started all over again.

I had to chaperone them when they watched the movie two months ago and though there were some funny scenes admittedly, the message of friendship the film was touting felt a little lame. At least that's how I see it. And now the "reruns" are being shown everyday. They like watching it so much. Argh!

I find Garfield selfish and odious. He reminds me of someone I didn't particularly like in the past. Oh well, to be irritated by a cat (and an unreal one at that!) is a waste of time so I'm gonna shut up now :P


I seldom go to movie houses. Aside from having not much time to indulge in such outings, I prefer waiting for the released VCD/DVD versions so I can watch in the comfort of my home ... it’s inexpensive, no exorbitant fees to pay, with an endless supply of popcorn and drinks. That’s what I like!

Yesterday, as I was traveling on a bus on the way to Manila, the movie that was playing on-board was Ice Age. I love kiddie movies and haven’t had a chance to watch this one yet. So there I was, sitting contentedly (though wishing for some popcorn to munch on), watching the story unfold and whiling away the time otherwise spent in boredom during other two-hour rides without a TV to grab my attention.

Shucks I had to brush away a tear (I’m such a ninny for happy endings!) during the part where the baby had to say goodbye to his animal friends. So touching, so heart-breaking.

On the way back, I happened to ride on another bus with a TV. So I was able to watch Van Helsing for the first time too! Hmmm, the special effects were impressive. I don’t normally watch films like those but what choice do I have on a moving bus with nowhere else to go but sit? So I tried enjoying the movie. And surprisingly, I did!

Hmmm, It’s just now that I realize how much those TV sets inside buses entertain passengers during long trips. And I must admit that whoever thought of that in the first place, was a genius.

Nickelodeon's Get Up, Get Out and Go Play!

Last Saturday was indeed a day of fun. I brought Josh and Daniel to The Fort where the World Day of Play was held. The kids had fun with the games. They tried out the Velcro-like suit where they got plastered on the wall. I can’t wait to have my film developed so I can post one shot here. It was so funny coz Daniel got stuck sideways while Josh was grinning ear to ear beside him.

We also fell in line (for almost 2 hours!) just so they’d be able to try the trampoline thingy with the stretching ropes where you bounce up high into the air. Too bad, Daniel got scared after two bounces and asked to quit. And good thing the long wait wasn’t wasted when Josh got in the harness and jumped to his heart’s content.

They were given free shirts with the WDoP logo. I discouraged them from trying out the slimy slides and kiddie pools though where there was green goo all over. I was afraid they might catch cold getting so wet and the weather not being as sunny as expected since it rained a little on and off the whole afternoon.

I took lots of pictures so they’ll have souvenirs of a memorable day. It was nice to see them happily enjoying childhood without the problems that we adults face most days. They will have enough of those when they grow up. At least, happy memories such as these cannot be taken away from them. And by then I hope they’d think that I gave them as much opportunities as possible to be just kids while they were still young.
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