Robert Downey Jr. is Launching a Music Album!

Oh My, Oh My, Am I Excited or What?!

Yahooo! At last! At long last! Robert Downey Jr. is soon to launch his debut album. Finally, after all these years of waiting (read: members of the RDJ mailing list, The Last Party, have been wishing for this to happen for so long) we will have a compilation of his songs! Excuse my exuberance (oops did I hit you with the cartwheel?) but I really love this guy’s voice. He’s also a talented composer if you don’t know yet. Just listen to the instrumental called Snakes in Downey Unlimited, go to the music page or just click on the background music link on the home page and you’ll know what I mean.

Hey fellow fans, here are the links about this great news:

Now this is a happy day! Can’t wait for that solo recording to come out. I do hope it’ll be the success we RDJ fans have been dreaming of.

Good luck Robert! And don't mind those sour-graping critics who don't even know one end of the musical scale from the other. Hmp!

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