The Race is on!

Whooopee! The Amazing Race has finally started! I set my mobile phone’s reminder alarm for 9:30 yesterday morning so I’d be able to watch the premier. And watch I did.

What I love about that show is the diversity of people trying to outdo each other and doing their best for the million dollars (Who wouldn’t? For a million dollars? Come on!). I also enjoy “traveling” with them to different places which right now are only in my dreams to visit. Ah, how I wish they would accept contestants from other countries. I’d love to be join with my husband. I’m sure our more than a decade of marriage will be a great factor in sustaining us through the rigorous journeys.

And hey, I’m anticipating the last leg of the race since the 13th pit stop will be here in the Philippines! Too bad for the contestants though coz I’m pretty sure they’ll find the traffic in Manila awful.

I haven’t chosen who to root for yet but I’m keeping my eyes open for the two moms (a fellow mom surely relates to these women), the black couple (I feel their close bond) and the father and daughter team (I miss my dad so much).

Oh well, whoever wins, I’m sure they’ll be deserving of the prize. After all, with those difficulties they were all going through, they are all winners already in their own rights.

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