Album Review: The Corrs' Borrowed Heaven

Happy, happy, happy me! I bought the newest Corrs album Borrowed Heaven two weeks ago and found it great! Of course I immediately surfed the internet for lyrics of the songs which made me understand them more.

I love all the songs but my favorites are Summer Sunshine, Angel (makes me think they made this song for their mom who passed away due to cancer) and Humdrum. I find the third one sooo funny. It’s reminiscent of their other hit I Never Really Loved You Anyway. Here’s the chorus:
I wanna take you for granted
Drift while you’re talking
Bathe while you’re downstairs
And chat on the phone

Fall asleep before bedtime
Pass in the hallway
Forget your birthday
And shrink all you clothes.
The other night, I was teasing my husband, “Beware when I start singing that song to you!” Being the lovable bear of a man he is, he said “You just try!” with a smile on his face. Ah, I’m glad I get to sing these kinds of songs just for fun :)

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