As Good As It Gets
I’ve just watched the movie As Good As It Gets for the first time last night. If it hadn’t been shown on TV, I wouldn’t have had the chance to see it. Yup, me the mom who only gets to see the “in” movies when they’re already out on video or shown on TV.
If you haven’t seen it, do! I’m planning to rent it in Video City coz I know there must be a lot of scenes I missed which Studio 23 had to cut to save airtime.
And boy was it good! I never thought Greg Kinnear could act that well. I knew him before as the host of a funny videos show and didn’t expect him to shine in his role.  His facial expressions were priceless. Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt (as usual) were great! I think those three were cast perfectly in their roles. They performed with flying colors. Who would think Jack Nicholson could portray an obsessive-compulsive guy convincingly? Oh, and I loooove the dog! Gosh, such a cute bundle of fur. Wish I could have one like that. Oh well, guess I have to settle with our half-breed Dalmatian named Panda who’s adorable in her own right.
I like the story too. It has the pleasant twists and unexpected turns not commonly found in most movies these days. And not to forget the great dialogues! "You make me want to be a better man," gave me the shivers just like that line "You complete me," from Jerry McGuire. I really regret not seeing this in the big screen. No wonder the movie had so many nominations in the Academy Awards before. A thumbs-up flick for me!
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