Forever Downey

Call me fanatical but I've always admired, no loved Robert Downey Jr's versatility.  Most people probably know him only as the actor who played Chaplin or that adorable guy named Peter Wright in Only You (my favorite movie by the way) or the lovable lawyer Larry Paul in Ally McBeal's Season 4.  But do you know that this guy also sings beautifully and even composes songs among his many other talents? Do visit my favorite RDJ site Downey Unlimited and know more about this guy who has been through hell and back and is now picking up the pieces of his life, wonderfully if I may say so.

Please don't fail to click the Music link on the home page and try to listen to his music. Hear samples of his throaty renditions of "Chances Are" with Vonda Shepard or "Ev'ry Breath You Take" with Sting. I love each and every one but my favorite of them all is "Snakes-the piano version". It's such a hauntingly beautiful melody that I have Real Player play it again and again as background music every time I'm using the computer. It relaxes and soothes the senses. Once you hear it, you'd probably wonder how deep the sensitivity of the composer's soul is to be able to conjure that kind of music. And I tell you, Robert is definitely such a guy.

Oh and if you suddenly find yourself among the multitude of his fans, welcome to the club! Do let me know if you do and I'd welcome you with open arms :)

As Good As It Gets
I’ve just watched the movie As Good As It Gets for the first time last night. If it hadn’t been shown on TV, I wouldn’t have had the chance to see it. Yup, me the mom who only gets to see the “in” movies when they’re already out on video or shown on TV.
If you haven’t seen it, do! I’m planning to rent it in Video City coz I know there must be a lot of scenes I missed which Studio 23 had to cut to save airtime.
And boy was it good! I never thought Greg Kinnear could act that well. I knew him before as the host of a funny videos show and didn’t expect him to shine in his role.  His facial expressions were priceless. Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt (as usual) were great! I think those three were cast perfectly in their roles. They performed with flying colors. Who would think Jack Nicholson could portray an obsessive-compulsive guy convincingly? Oh, and I loooove the dog! Gosh, such a cute bundle of fur. Wish I could have one like that. Oh well, guess I have to settle with our half-breed Dalmatian named Panda who’s adorable in her own right.
I like the story too. It has the pleasant twists and unexpected turns not commonly found in most movies these days. And not to forget the great dialogues! "You make me want to be a better man," gave me the shivers just like that line "You complete me," from Jerry McGuire. I really regret not seeing this in the big screen. No wonder the movie had so many nominations in the Academy Awards before. A thumbs-up flick for me!

Free Comics Workshop

My kids and I were at the Nautilus workshop last Saturday. My eldest loves to draw and even makes his own comic books from stapled pieces of bond paper so I thought they’d learn more about the craft through the seminar. Oh and they were so thrilled about the caricatures two of the artists made for them, we are planning to have them framed soon.

For comics enthusiasts who might be interested to join too:

NAUTILUS COMICS, publisher of the critically acclaimed comics anthology SIGLO: FREEDOM, has just released its new publication. It's a new monthly comic book entitled CAST, a coming-of-age story geared towards young readers.

In celebration of our recent successes, Nautilus Comics and its stable of creators will be conducting free comics creation workshops all over Metro Manila. Some of the most talented and acclaimed comics creators in the country will be on hand to share their knowledge in comics creation - from comics history and theory, to writing and illustrating, to publishing your own material. Creators include CARLO VERGARA (National Book Award for Zsazsa Zaturrnah), ARNOLD ARRE (award-winning creator of After Eden), GERRY ALANGUILAN (Wasted, Superman: Birthright), LAN MEDINA(Silver Surfer), Dean Alfar (5-time Palanca Award-winning writer), Nikki Alfar (The Lost, ab ovo), Jason Banico (Baylans), Marco Dimaano (Angel Ace), Andrew Drilon (Subwhere), Honoel Ibardolaza (two-time Palanca Award winner), Elbert Or (Two Color Truth Theatre), and Vin Simbulan (National Book Award winner for Isaw Atbp).

The first wave of workshops will be held on all Saturdays and Sundays of July, 1 - 4 pm.

July 03 - Powerbooks Greenbelt 4
July 04 - Seattle's Best Coffee Paseo de Roxas
July 10 - Powerbooks Greenbelt 4
July 11 - Seattle's Best Coffee Alabang Town Center
July 17 - Powerbooks SM Megamall
July 18 - Seattle's Best Coffee Harisson Plaza
July 24 - Powerbooks SM Megamall
July 25 - Seattle's Best Coffee Katipunan
July 31 - Powerbooks Alabang Town Center

In addition, pre-registrants get personalized caricatures from the artists for free! E-mail for more details. If you'd also like us to conduct workshops in your schools or universities, via your student organization or school administration, don't hesitate to contact us via or contact Marj thru 892-1191.

The Race is on!

Whooopee! The Amazing Race has finally started! I set my mobile phone’s reminder alarm for 9:30 yesterday morning so I’d be able to watch the premier. And watch I did.

What I love about that show is the diversity of people trying to outdo each other and doing their best for the million dollars (Who wouldn’t? For a million dollars? Come on!). I also enjoy “traveling” with them to different places which right now are only in my dreams to visit. Ah, how I wish they would accept contestants from other countries. I’d love to be join with my husband. I’m sure our more than a decade of marriage will be a great factor in sustaining us through the rigorous journeys.

And hey, I’m anticipating the last leg of the race since the 13th pit stop will be here in the Philippines! Too bad for the contestants though coz I’m pretty sure they’ll find the traffic in Manila awful.

I haven’t chosen who to root for yet but I’m keeping my eyes open for the two moms (a fellow mom surely relates to these women), the black couple (I feel their close bond) and the father and daughter team (I miss my dad so much).

Oh well, whoever wins, I’m sure they’ll be deserving of the prize. After all, with those difficulties they were all going through, they are all winners already in their own rights.

The Missing Tag Board

Uh-oh, my tag board’s gone kaput! It seems there was a huge problem at and they were talking about human errors that wiped out a lot of data. I’m giving it a few days more and see if they will be able to resolve the problem. Or else, I guess I have to start anew :( As Winnie the Pooh says "Oh bother!"

Happy, happy, happy me! I bought the newest Corrs album Borrowed Heaven two weeks ago and found it great! Of course I immediately surfed the internet for lyrics of the songs which made me understand them more.

I love all the songs but my favorites are Summer Sunshine, Angel (makes me think they made this song for their mom who passed away due to cancer) and Humdrum. I find the third one sooo funny. It’s reminiscent of their other hit I Never Really Loved You Anyway. Here’s the chorus:
I wanna take you for granted
Drift while you’re talking
Bathe while you’re downstairs
And chat on the phone

Fall asleep before bedtime
Pass in the hallway
Forget your birthday
And shrink all you clothes.
The other night, I was teasing my husband, “Beware when I start singing that song to you!” Being the lovable bear of a man he is, he said “You just try!” with a smile on his face. Ah, I’m glad I get to sing these kinds of songs just for fun :)

TAR is back!

Good news to fellow Amazing Race fans! I heard the show’s having a premier on July 7, tentatively at 9:30 am via satellite, Philippine time on Studio 23. Mark your calendars! Another adventure is about to begin.
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