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Still on Survivor: Who did you vote for?

Aw shucks, I’m such a Survivor fanatic. I have logged on to the CBS website to vote for an all-star contestant who I thought deserved the bonus million dollars. Me who watches the show all the way from the Philippines!

Who did I choose? The lovable (???) oaf of a man who had made tie-dyed shirts a fad. What can I say? Rupert was hard-working and I loved seeing his reunion with his wife in one of the reward challenges. They seem like such a solid couple which clinched the vote for me.

Just thinking aloud ….

P.S. Oh hey, he won! Congratulations Rupert! I hope you use the money wisely.

Survivor: The Love Story

I’m such a sucker for happy endings. I have watched Survivor All-Stars these past weeks and though I hated the scheming and lying parts, I can’t help but feel joyously happy for Amber and Boston Rob. Whew, as I watched the finale show, my heart started beating fast when Rob interrupted Jeff to say he’s got something to say to Amber. I was anticipating a marriage proposal and yup! Rob produced a ring! How’s that for the ratings?!

I’m sure a lot of people didn’t expect that to happen, myself included. But isn’t it just so awesome to fall in love within 39 days? What’s more incredible is the fact that they’ve seen each other through good and bad times, not to mention being grubby and having just-woke-up-in-the-morning looks.

I wish them both all the happiness they can give each other. And let’s not forget the one million dollars that Amber won plus the brand new cars they now both have … wow, definitely a good way to start a marriage!

An Election Reminder

Fellow Filipinos, as we vote tomorrow, let us help in our own small ways by simply alphabetizing the names of our senatorial, provincial board and city council candidates before writing them down on the ballots. That way, we will be making it easier for the teachers to find the names without jumping from one end of the checklist to another.

Thank you! :)

Last Minute Appeal

I’ve just received a text this morning. “Please forward to all UP alumni. John Osmena must never become senator again! He cut by almost 50% of the state budget for UP! That’s why UP and PGH are now in poor condition.”

And I agree. I have read the essay UP President Dr. Francisco Nemenzo wrote about what Osmena did for the University of the Philippines. That John O. does not deserve to be re-elected again. Hmp!

Please don’t vote for him.
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