Wednesday, February 04, 2004

My Little Hero

Last Friday afternoon, I accompanied my five-year-old son to the awarding ceremony of their sports festival. A lot of kids weren’t there. Perhaps their parents thought it best if they just opt out of the activity since games are not really counted as academics. They sure missed a lot!

Daniel’s yaya was the one who went with him from Thursday ‘til Friday morning. She recounted how my little trooper competed gamely with other preschoolers in the easy games category. Daniel told me when he got home that morning, with matching wide eyes, “We had a banana-eating contest and I almost threw up!” I couldn’t help but laugh when he demonstrated what happened.

That afternoon, the teachers facilitated the last few games. Only the elementary students were able to form groups with sufficient number of players. Very few preschoolers attended so those that were there were left to their devices. Daniel had fun running around half the basketball court (the other half being used for the ongoing games) and chasing some of his classmates.

I just sat at the bleachers with Leland (my ten-year-old), who went with us and who grew bored quickly. When he was urging us to go home, Daniel said “But I don’t have a medal yet!” I wasn’t even sure he’ll be getting one but I agreed that we finish the whole thing before leaving.

It was really a pleasant surprise when they were giving out the MVP ribbons to the preschool category, Daniel’s name was called! I barely had time to rummage through my bag for the camera I have there. I took a shot of my son, so proud and full of smiles wearing the ribbon proclaiming him to be the Most Valuable Player of their team.

Ah the simple joys of parenting!
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