Happy New Year everyone! How was your holiday celebrations? My family and I enjoyed our time together. No schools for the kids and hubby free from office work for the meantime. We spent New Year’s Eve in my in-laws’ house in Alabang and happily, their village is just behind Ayala Alabang so we got to see really good fireworks from 10 pm onwards.

My husband tied his hammock (the strong canvas type which was a gift from a friend from Cambodia) on the rooftop terrace and the whole family took turns on it while watching the fireworks blazing all around. I was surprised that the two of us can sit or lay there together without falling. And my hubby being a heavy one! Amazing!

Ugh so many food, I felt bloated most of the time. Yeah, me and my hearty appetite :P I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained 10 pounds from all the things I ate during Noche Buena and Media Noche.

I hope all of you enjoyed the celebrations too. And for this new year, may we all have the joy, peace and prosperity we are all praying for.
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