Monday, January 19, 2004

Earning extra without paying a cent?

There's a new "business" going around in the internet these days. It's called smspays. What you do is to register your mobile number and they will send you text advertisements based on the topics of interests you checked during registration. Each text you receive corresponds to a fee which they claim the advertiser will pay you. You'll get your check after your earnings accumulate. What's more, the program is international so your country probably is on their list. Go check it out!

Anyway, since it costs nothing to register, I did hehehe. And since it is kind of a networking scheme, would you also register and be my downline? Pretty please? :)

Just click on this link to register or read more about the program before registering. Please don't forget to place my referror # 168939 there. Thanks a bunch!

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