Cerebral Palsy Feature in I-Witness

I watched I-Witness last Monday night on GMA 7. The topic is close to my heart as I have a son with cerebral palsy. It was very inspiring to see fellow parents with children having the same condition as my son’s, coping and surviving too despite the odds. I commend the way that television show has been creating public awareness on different issues for many years now.

I cried when I saw the little girl whose parents lived in Luneta park for two years! Her seizure manifestations are exactly the same as my James’ although my son’s attacks were few the past six years due to Phenobarbital maintenance and occurs only when he’s asleep. In that instant, I prayed with all my heart that little Cresilda have all the medical care she needs soon.

I also shed tears when the mom of another child said “I fear the time when I’ll be gone and wonder what will happen to my daughter. Who will take care of her?” That is exactly how I feel about my son. I guess it’s a worry that all parents of special kids have. It’s a comfort to know that God hears prayers and I trust that if and when the time comes for me and my husband to leave this world, our other sons will be there to help, love and take care of their brother as we did.
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