Earning extra without paying a cent?

There's a new "business" going around in the internet these days. It's called smspays. What you do is to register your mobile number and they will send you text advertisements based on the topics of interests you checked during registration. Each text you receive corresponds to a fee which they claim the advertiser will pay you. You'll get your check after your earnings accumulate. What's more, the program is international so your country probably is on their list. Go check it out!

Anyway, since it costs nothing to register, I did hehehe. And since it is kind of a networking scheme, would you also register and be my downline? Pretty please? :)

Just click on this link http://www.smspays.com/reg_country.asp?refer=168939 to register or read more about the program before registering. Please don't forget to place my referror # 168939 there. Thanks a bunch!

Two websites you ought to see!

A friend sent me these links about The Interview with God and Pathways to Peace.

Both touched me deeply. The background photos were breathtaking, the music peaceful and the messages powerful! Feel the wonder I have felt while watching them.

The words and beautiful images will have a lasting effect on you, you'll see. It had, on me!

Cerebral Palsy Feature in I-Witness

I watched I-Witness last Monday night on GMA 7. The topic is close to my heart as I have a son with cerebral palsy. It was very inspiring to see fellow parents with children having the same condition as my son’s, coping and surviving too despite the odds. I commend the way that television show has been creating public awareness on different issues for many years now.

I cried when I saw the little girl whose parents lived in Luneta park for two years! Her seizure manifestations are exactly the same as my James’ although my son’s attacks were few the past six years due to Phenobarbital maintenance and occurs only when he’s asleep. In that instant, I prayed with all my heart that little Cresilda have all the medical care she needs soon.

I also shed tears when the mom of another child said “I fear the time when I’ll be gone and wonder what will happen to my daughter. Who will take care of her?” That is exactly how I feel about my son. I guess it’s a worry that all parents of special kids have. It’s a comfort to know that God hears prayers and I trust that if and when the time comes for me and my husband to leave this world, our other sons will be there to help, love and take care of their brother as we did.

How disappointing!

I am disgusted at the way my softhome account has been actively and unjustly filtering my mails. I’m enrolled in the ewritersplace weekly writes course and found out that I was missing several issues because emails to me have had delivery failure several times. I can’t understand why softhome has to block an address which is sending me emails every week for almost half a year now and which I am always looking forward to.

Then I got to wondering, my softhome account is the one I’m using as a mailto in all my blogs! Argh, perhaps that’s why some people who have been emailing me before about the blogs have stopped writing altogether. If you are one such person who had emailed me before and had it bounced, my deepest regrets and apologies! I’ve changed my mailto address so you can now email me at my hotpop addy.

Happy New Year everyone! How was your holiday celebrations? My family and I enjoyed our time together. No schools for the kids and hubby free from office work for the meantime. We spent New Year’s Eve in my in-laws’ house in Alabang and happily, their village is just behind Ayala Alabang so we got to see really good fireworks from 10 pm onwards.

My husband tied his hammock (the strong canvas type which was a gift from a friend from Cambodia) on the rooftop terrace and the whole family took turns on it while watching the fireworks blazing all around. I was surprised that the two of us can sit or lay there together without falling. And my hubby being a heavy one! Amazing!

Ugh so many food, I felt bloated most of the time. Yeah, me and my hearty appetite :P I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained 10 pounds from all the things I ate during Noche Buena and Media Noche.

I hope all of you enjoyed the celebrations too. And for this new year, may we all have the joy, peace and prosperity we are all praying for.
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