Thursday, November 20, 2003

Sleepless in Laguna

My world is turned upside-down for the moment. James, my special child, suddenly had this change in sleep patterns and would stay awake all night up to early morning. Last night, he woke up at 10 p.m. and we had a Barney marathon until 5 a.m. I was alternately tube-feeding him and checking my emails.

I thought he’d fall asleep around 6 a.m. but stayed awake to watch Blue’s Clues and another cartoon show on TV. My lids were getting heavy but can’t lie down to sleep unless he’s also asleep. I had to busy myself cleaning my computer table and doing other tasks to stay awake.

It took two more feedings and at 3 p.m. I played an Enya CD on the radio. In minutes, he was finally asleep. Ah, thank goodness! I was able to lie down too and get some snoozes.

I woke up at 7 p.m., helped my other kids with their assignments and ate dinner. Good thing the maid knows how to cook now. It’s already 11 p.m. and James is still asleep. Oh no, I guess I’m in for another sleepless night tonight.
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