Monday, October 27, 2003


I love computer games. I’m glad there’s still that child in me who wouldn’t let go the pleasures of simply forgetting worries for a while and concentrating on the game of the moment. Right now, I'm going ga-ga over Rumble Cube. A kind of Tetris game with a twist. I’ve registered as a member at Gamehouse and Rumble Cube is the newest game currently being tested by members. I thought I was good at Tetris before but I’m getting more and more frustrated that I can’t even get to level 6 with this new game. Arrrrgh! But it’s a nice way to release the day’s tension. I usually spend my “gaming time” when the kids are in bed and I need a rest from my article writings.

I have already downloaded and enjoyed Text Twist, Letter Linker and Super WhatWord. When online, I usually play one game each of Super Collapse (gripping!), Wild Wild Words (can make one panic) and Glinx (mild game that doesn’t require a heart attack). Of course my all-time favorite would be Bookworm. My whole family had his/her own username when playing that game. Very challenging and fun!

Now, if you’re feeling the pressure of that report you’re trying so hard to finish, take a break! Give your mind something light to think about for a while. Feel that joy of winning without having to compete with anybody. Play a web game and find that child in you again.
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