I am still amazed at how instant messengers can make life happier and richer. Here I am most nights, sitting in front of the computer, and being able to chat with friends living in other countries! I particulary thank the genius behind Yahoo Messenger because it has saved me a few times already. I would be needing a respondent for one of my articles and when I can't contact anyone near, YM's there to rescue me. I can interview somebody just by sending and receiving messages in real time! Now that I haven't dreamed to be possible before. But, here we are in the computer age, where most kids of this generation are taking for granted all the high-technology gadgets laid-down at their disposal. I'm just glad I'm still alive to see these wondrous things happen. Yeah, short of a miracle in my opinion.


World Vision Philippines has been granted by Glorietta in Makati to hold its Gift of Hope Project there for one week (Oct. 27-31). Please do drop by and hear what the WV mall coordinators have to share about the plight of poor children in our country.

Please help those needy children by sponsoring a child today. Your donation will help transform not only the life of a child but also his/her family. Thank you!


I love computer games. I’m glad there’s still that child in me who wouldn’t let go the pleasures of simply forgetting worries for a while and concentrating on the game of the moment. Right now, I'm going ga-ga over Rumble Cube. A kind of Tetris game with a twist. I’ve registered as a member at Gamehouse and Rumble Cube is the newest game currently being tested by members. I thought I was good at Tetris before but I’m getting more and more frustrated that I can’t even get to level 6 with this new game. Arrrrgh! But it’s a nice way to release the day’s tension. I usually spend my “gaming time” when the kids are in bed and I need a rest from my article writings.

I have already downloaded and enjoyed Text Twist, Letter Linker and Super WhatWord. When online, I usually play one game each of Super Collapse (gripping!), Wild Wild Words (can make one panic) and Glinx (mild game that doesn’t require a heart attack). Of course my all-time favorite would be Bookworm. My whole family had his/her own username when playing that game. Very challenging and fun!

Now, if you’re feeling the pressure of that report you’re trying so hard to finish, take a break! Give your mind something light to think about for a while. Feel that joy of winning without having to compete with anybody. Play a web game and find that child in you again.

I’ve just watched another episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands earlier. Hmmm, at least the Morgan tribe members were cutting down their losses and made their numbers even with Drake.

The scene with the pelican had me laughing. Rupert, the big guy showed his soft side by caring for the water snake. Too bad it died. I also admired the way Krista toughed it out with the heavy bean bag pole. Women in tough times are really full of surprises. But I’m glad that Morgan won the immunity challenge. I don’t like Jon’s attitude. He acts weird and insolent.

I’m just amazed at the extent people would go to win a million dollar game. Whew, the lies and the treachery before a tribal council! I don’t think I’d want to be a contender in a game like that. But, it’s fun to watch anyway. Any given day, I’d much prefer to be on the other side of the TV screen, munching on popcorn than being bitten by bugs and scavenging everyday for food. I’m not that adventurous :P

I've just registered in Friendster and found a circle of close friends already. I just hope I get to meet old friends again thru this network. Will probably give my verdict if Friendster is as effective as it looks. Update you later!

Well what do you know? I've tried searching thru yahoo for fellow writermoms so I could perhaps visit their sites, make new friends and learn new things. When I entered "writermom" as the keyword, the search results showed my blog http://writermom.forwriters.org in the second spot. I was tickled pink! Yeah I know, sorta stupid huh? But I guess I'm just a simple person easily pleased with little things.

I lost my celphone last week. A fellow jeepney passenger managed to steal it from my bag. I went through the usual phases -- astonishment, anger, tears and finally resignation.

Thank goodness for the internet, I was able to let a lot of my friends and clients know immediately that they can't contact me thru text messages for a while.

It was depressing. And yet, a lot of people emailed me back and said encouraging words. My husband's first words when he called me at home was "Mom, let it go." So I did. I focused on a lot of things that I still have and are more precious to me -- my health (I wasn't hurt physically from the incident), my family, friends and yes, my computer :)

I know God is planning something better for me. Yup, I may not understand why the loss happened but I know that there is a reason for that, I just don't know what it is yet.

A co-egroup member of mine has this quote on the bottom of her emails: "Whatever GOD does, He does it in love, He never takes one thing away from you without giving you something better." And I say, Amen to that!

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