How thoughtful can he get? My 9 year old son came home from school yesterday and gave me a present -- one wad of pink, fluffy, cotton candy! "For you mom." I was touched. That's the 2nd time he brought home cotton candy just for me. And without the usual complaints of "I don't have money any more!"

He's an observant one. The most recent time I bought cotton candy was a few months ago and I brought home four pieces. Usually I just buy three pasalubongs for the three boys but since cotton candy is also a childhood favorite of mine, I bought one for myself too. Leland asked why, so I simply answered "Coz I like it too."

The following week, a cotton candy vendor was outside his school and he bought one for me. I was really surprised and happy that first time. Yesterday, I was profoundly touched that he still remembers. Now, am I not a very blessed mom to have a great son? You bet I am! =)
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