Announcement: World Vision Philippines has just launched their Gift of Hope campaign this week. Please visit their booths at all Metro Manila SM branches.

Background info: World Vision is a child-focused and humanitarian organization belonging to a world-wide partnership of Christians engaged in child sponsorship, community development, relief and advocacy work in over 100 countries. World Vision implements projects that focus especially on the needs of poor children. It is currently sponsoring more than 86,000 children in the Philippines.

Help poor children realize their dreams. Sponsor a child today!

Note: Miriam Quiambao, Karen Davila and Joann Zapanta-Andrada are just few of the celebrities who are helping change lives of children today.

Contact details:
National office: 55 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, QC 1101, Philippines
Phone: (632) 927-0676, 929-0902 to 04
Fax: (632) 921-0195, 929-0901

*I personally believe in and support this cause thus the promotion in this blog.

How thoughtful can he get? My 9 year old son came home from school yesterday and gave me a present -- one wad of pink, fluffy, cotton candy! "For you mom." I was touched. That's the 2nd time he brought home cotton candy just for me. And without the usual complaints of "I don't have money any more!"

He's an observant one. The most recent time I bought cotton candy was a few months ago and I brought home four pieces. Usually I just buy three pasalubongs for the three boys but since cotton candy is also a childhood favorite of mine, I bought one for myself too. Leland asked why, so I simply answered "Coz I like it too."

The following week, a cotton candy vendor was outside his school and he bought one for me. I was really surprised and happy that first time. Yesterday, I was profoundly touched that he still remembers. Now, am I not a very blessed mom to have a great son? You bet I am! =)

Just finished reading Ken Follett's book The Man from St. Petersburg. Whew I couldn't put it down! So full of suspense and action I was always left wondering what will happen next. That's why yesterday, I didn't go to sleep at all. I kept reading and reading without noticing the time. I finished around 7 a.m. which was already time to prepare for church so I wasn't able to snatch even a wink. But man, was it worth it!

My first Ken Follett book discovery was The Third Twin which I borrowed from my mother-in-law. I enjoyed it so much that the next time I was in a second-hand bookshop (can't afford to buy brand new ones -- my main budget is for milk and diapers hehe), I bought all the Follett books I can find. Now, I think I have about 7 of his books already and still searching. And may I just say that I was never disappointed with any one of them. So far, my favorites (can't choose between these two) are Night Overwater and Lie Down with Lions.

So if you happen to see a Ken Follett book on sale (brand new or not) I advise you to buy and try reading it. You won't regret buying it.

Just one tip from a bookworm to fellow book-lovers. Happy reading!

My kids have this funny habit of picking one or two movies and making them "picks of the week". It's amazing how the three of them would unanimously agree what to watch and re-watch and re-watch for a week or two. The current favorites right now are Lilo and Stitch and The Jungle Book. Imagine my chagrin when I caught myself singing Bare Necessities under my breath a few days ago while cooking dinner. I even managed to incorporate the word Ohana in my conversation with a fellow parent friend! And I'm also getting scared that I'm starting to like Elvis Presly's songs. Whew, I'm being brainwashed!

At least the choices playing these days (imagine hearing and seeing them at least twice a day!) are not as influencing as those Disney Magic English volumes whose theme song would come unbidden in my subsconciousness and play over and over again -- Magic English, Magic English, Have fun with Disney everyday! Have fun with Disney everyday!. Although I must admit those volumes did a lot of wonders in my youngest son's vocabulary.

Oh I can't count Barney and his I Love You song coz my special child James loves Barney so much he has got to get a "fix" of at least 10 VCDs a day (when the other three are in school). And I must say I've memorized about 75% of all Barney songs by now.

To date, the best pick of the week I've enjoyed tremendously was the Mulan and The Swan Princess phases. At least I love the songs there and I didn't mind at all finding out I've memorized most of the repertoire by the time the kids passed on to their next favorites.

Ah well, the joys of being a mom :D
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