It's so nice to go out with girl friends. Definitely a whole lot different (and better!) than towing your man out to the malls. I just came from a Women's Expo yesterday with 4 of my friends. We spent the morning at a parenting seminar then the whole afternoon looking at stuff and enjoying the freebies. We even had our make-ups done at the Avon booth. Such fun to just walk around and exclaim over exquisite or strange items.

If I had my husband with me, he'll probably tolerate the first 5 minutes following me around. Then he'll say "Ok, now buy something coz I wanna get outta here." So I'm very grateful to have had the whole day to hang out with my friends. It doesn't happen often enough to please me. There's nothing like another woman to understand the need to be beautiful for oneself, than another woman. I'm glad I have friends to share this with. Simply ... bliss!
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