Friday, July 18, 2003

Whew! I missed my computer sooo much! Just got it back today. For one whole week plus a day, I wasn't able to sit down and relax reading and answering emails because my modem hanged after a brownout. I had to have it brought to my brother-in-law for repair, which was about 2 hours away from home. He had to replace a new modem because the old one didn't want to work anymore :(

Ah, finally it's back and I'm raring to go typing and reading again. I'm downloading almost a thousand emails which were stuck in my web inboxes (have several email addys) for days. But nope, I'm not complaining, I just glad that my virtual life is a-okay again. My husband was teasing me while I was booting the computer up an hour ago, telling me that I look like a kid who found a lost toy and got it back just in time before the tears. Ha ha, I guess I was really feeling down the past week because of this. Wow, I've realized once again how dependent we all have become on techie gadgets these days.

Now I think I'll be more careful in using my computer when it's raining or when there are thunderstorms like the one we had last week. I can't believe how much a computer addict I've become! And I'm not sure I can stand missing it again in the future.
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