Wednesday, July 30, 2003

From the book Sirius by O. Stapledon

“Whatever becomes of me I shall always belong to you. Even when I have been unkind to you I belong to you. Even if we might part someday, I will always belong to you. It is I that am yours until I die. I have known it ever so long – since I started loving you. Though we love so much, we still fight. We are bound to hurt one another so much, again and again. We are so terribly different. But the more different, the more lovely the loving.”

“If you had never been you, then I should never have been I, and there would have been no difficult, lovely “us”. And even if I do hate you sometimes, I love you much more, always. Even while I am hating you, I know (and the best of me knows gladly) that I am not just me but the other part of you and me.”

Hmmm, sounds like what some relationships are made of these days huh? The love-hate intricacies of relationships…we love them and yet we still fight with them. How true!

Um, yup, if you are wondering, I was a hopeless romantic during my high school and college days but nowadays, I’d prefer to be known more as a practical romantic. Why? Chikwet! Hehehe. Seriously, being a wife and a mom made some drastic changes in my perceptions of love and I can say that I am a much better kind of romantic than I was before. More ready to make adjustments and more accepting of the shortcomings of people I love. After all, love should be the foundation of every personal relationships there are.
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