My husband and I watched Jim Carrey's film Bruce Almighty. I didn't expect it to be that good! I had lots of laughs especially on the scene where he berated an old woman about leaving Leonardo de Caprio to die and ranting on about the Titanic. That was really hilarious. The special effects were good too. Imagine a filing cabinet with a kilometer long drawer, haha! But the sensitive side of me managed to shed a few tears on the ending. It was a feel good movie and I did came out feeling refreshed after. Nothing like a funny, light movie to lift my spirits up. And what a nice way too to show how wise God really is!

Anybody knows where I can download a free software for tracing family trees? I've tried searching Yahoo and came up with very difficult ones to download. My ISP is way too slow and keeps getting disconnected (can't afford DSL yet) so I'm left with the option of repeating downloads again and again. Oh please if you do know something kindly email me! Thanks so much!

Finally! I was able to watch "Sweet November". Unfortunately, I was the worse for wear afterwards. I cried my eyes out! I hate sad endings. What I don't understand is the thought presented in the movie that it's better to die alone than be with your loved one. That's the craziest thing I've ever encountered in my whole life! But, *sigh* sad as it was, I loved seeing Keanu Reeves again (after his dashing roles in Speed and The Matrix) and up to now can't forget the cute ways he said "Marry me!" while throwing his cell phone and watch in the sink. What girl could resist that? In real life anyway. Charlize Theron was beautiful as ever and I must say her acting was great too! All in all, I must say I enjoyed the film but I really wished there was a happy ending.
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