Saturday, April 26, 2003

Whooohoo! Finally, I've just had my long-awaited, much-planned "Mommy's vacation." I had to bring my 5 year-old youngest son though. He put on his cute sad face when he found out I'll be gone for 3 days that I just had to bring him along. We had so much fun riding a boat to the island of Mindoro and staying at a resort some friends of mine manage. The 3 days were spent swimming in the resort's pool and I must say we were baked as toast when we came home. We haven't had the opportunity to swim at the sea coz the smell was a little fishy and lots of seaweeds were floating about. Daniel enjoyed playing in the sand for the first time. Like all moms, I had my camera along and snapped pictures of my cute little kid in all his activities. It was such a great resting period for me. But *sigh* now that I'm back to the real world, here I am feverishly trying to beat my deadlines for 3 articles. So I have to sign off now. Bye!
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