Somebody’s forwarded email has this footer “The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without it.” I had to pause and think, how right that quote is! Being a mom of 4 kids and a freelance writer to boot, I sometimes find it hard to juggle motherhood (cooking, taking care of the kids, doing the housework etc.etc.) with my work. When I’m in the middle of doing article assignments, I would often feel harassed and pressured that I can’t help but complain sometimes. My husband would then remind me “When you don’t have any assignments, you worry. When you have deadlines, you panic and are often short-tempered. You are such a contradiction!” And sheepishly, I had to agree. Nowadays, with all the pressures of family and work around me, I try to count my blessings instead of complaining that I have so much to do.
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