Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Dreaming of Neverland

My kids were watching Peter Pan last night. Seeing Tinkerbell made me smile. When I was small, I used to imagine myself being her – flying off to faraway places. Such a tiny creature in a yellow dress, glowing like gold. I liked her best because of those clouds of gold dust swirling all around her.

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Ever wished to be one of the Darling children? Pretty Wendy or scholastic John or cute little Michael? I saw my kids’ faces light up when they saw that being sprinkled with gold dust can make a person fly coupled with happy thoughts. I know that when I was little, in my heart of hearts, I believed that if only Peter Pan and Tinkerbell would come visit my window, then I might have gone too to Neverland and joined lots of adventures with them.

Isn’t it wonderful how imagination can make a child happy? I know that when I was a child, just imagining being in the Peter Pan story made me happy. I hope that exposing my kids to fairy tales like these would also fuel their imagination and make them travel to places their minds can reach, and in the process, give them nuggets of happiness along the way.

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