Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Isn't "Mulan" fun to watch! I love the songs and the story where a woman is the hero. We don't see movies like that much. I am also proud that the singing voice of Mulan is Lea Salonga, a fellow countrywoman of mine. Remember her? The very first who played Kim in Miss Saigon! Eddie Murphy was soooo hilarious as Moshu the lizard, ehem, I mean the dra---gon. Donny Osmond's voice was great too! He never seems to age, doesn't he? The Donny I remembered when I was a little girl has still the same young-looking and handsome face today. Wow, talk about the fountain of youth! I also like Ming-Na Wen a lot. First saw her at "The Joy Luck Club" then "E.R." She has a great sense of humor and made me laugh a lot when she was interviewed before about being in the movie. She mentioned about her mom telling friends that her daughter will be starring in a new Disney movie ... uh, Lion King 2!

My family and I (yup, my husband included!) like to watch Mulan so much that the first few days we had the VCD, it was running at the rate of at least 2x a day. I had to buy a copy 3 times! The first one was destroyed after my youngest son played with it and broke one of the CD's in half. The second one was dubbed in Chinese! So back to the store it went. Finally, the third one was alright. Whew! The lengths I go to just to provide entertainment to my kids! And seeing their smiles at the funny scenes, I would say that my tiring trips to the store were all worthwhile.
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